Project 8 1/2: Seascape Redo:

April 15, 2019



At the end of the  1st version of this painting, I realized a couple of different things.  The last two paintings have been horrible.  I had switched to this new water and oil paint mixture.  The quality of the paint was good, but it did not play well with the straight oil paint.  Also, I realized that I had been doing the paintings  trying to keep up with every step that Bob taught.  Why?  This was squelching my creativity.  So, I put the paint brushes down and watched the rest of the video.  Then, I started over.  I did it from memory mostly. Guess what Mr .Ross said at the end of that lesson?  "Don't copy everything I do.  We are teaching techniques , so you can learn the technique and then paint your way."  OH my goodness that made so much sense.  We are each unique individuals and not clones.  This just opened it up for me again too.  Fun times ahead!  



     I think it is the same way when people try to do prayer a certain a Christian a certain way.  The way that you pray to God should be creative and individual. What I mean is that you don't have to copy and there is not a formula.  If you are looking for one, try the Lord's prayer ...not Billy Bob's from the church. I have been in several churches over the last few years.  We have moved a couple of times.  I have seen people pray a lot of different ways.  I have seen leaders tell my children in children's church how to praise and make fun of people they thought praised incorrectly.  I have been in churches where they try to shame you into prayer. Needless to say, I've seen a little bit. We are unique and creative because a unique and creative God knew us before He formed us in our mother's wombs.  All He wants is for us to talk to Him and have a relationship with Him.  Be yourself.  He already knows you.  If you come at Him with a bunch of thees and thous, He might wonder why you are trippin'.



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