The Joy of Prayer and Painting: Project 7: Ugh!

April 9, 2019




     The trees are definitely not happy trees in this one.  As you can see, I just....stopped.  I actually got to the end of the painting for the most part, but my painting looked nothing like Mr. Ross' and when the creek took a turn for the worse and looked more like a yellow wall.  Well, stick a fork in me because was done.  Does this mean I quit?  NO WAY!  LOL.  Anybody that knows me knows that ain't me.  I just needed to refresh.  Find a new perspective.  Maybe I might come back to this one at some point and turn it around.  For now though, I have found some other Bob Ross episodes when his fro was not so fro-ee and the painting I chose has a little more light going on.  It's also getting me inspired for the beach trips.  

     What went wrong with this one?  Well, I think my heart wasn't all the way in it.  Not to mention that life that I wrote about in the very first blog has a way of rearranging my schedule.  So, I started this one and left for a week and came back and tried to finish and 'viola!' .This is what we got.  No inspiration =frustration=this is what you get.  Stay tuned though.  




     Sometimes things happen in life like this too.  I am not even talking about great big things, but just frustrations or things not going like we had them planned.  More recently there has been something in my life like this.  It is one of those things that is not working exactly right, but it is not completely broken down.  It has a little kink in it.  That "life" thing can sometimes cause those kinks. Anyway, I was thinking about it the other day and I heard God say, bring it to me.  When he said that, I felt peace about it immediately.  The frustration lifted.  I thought to myself, "Why had I not thought about that before?"  It was something that I did not just automatically think that He would be interested in, but He is interested in it all and I am glad when things like that happen.  Aha! moments.  I am still learning and I so glad my ears were open to hear Him say that.  My youngest son and I were at the Toby Mac concert the other night and Toby Mac said something that I like and I wrote it down in my handy dandy Samsung galaxy note 8.  "Don't step away from the Father, step into His arms into the light.  In all our hurt, don't try to get away form Him.  Run to Him."  I just needed some Light on the situation.  


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