My Bob Ross Challenge: The Joy of Prayer and Painting Project 4: Crimson Tide

February 15, 2019






Wow!  I can't believe I am already on Project 4.  This one has a little "trick" if you will that Mr. Ross says will make me the talk of the town.  So, I may add a little video of me painting this one , so you can see the oooohhh and aaahhhhh he is talking about.  It really is pretty cool.  I used my new Bob Ross paintbrush on this one.  I really can tell a difference.  I believe this one is the blending brush.  Color me impressed.  I know a little bit about the right tools.  I have been a hairstylist for 23 years and you do not want me to use  a pair of $5 scissors to cut your hair.  (I use the word cut there very loosely because it would be more like chew through your hair.)  So, I figure painting is the same way.  With each Bob Ross brush I get, I will probably see a huge difference in the overall effect.  

     This painting was no different than the others in that by the middle of it, I was ready to chuch it out the window.  That is pretty much part of my personality and I am trying to work through it.  If I can't do something in what I consider the right way the first time, I get aggravated.  Well, now you know.  I didn't throw it out though.  This one is aptly named "Crimson Tide".  It does not look the same to me as Bob's and honestly, I think Bob had a happy little mess up and switched directions in this painting himself.  So see, it's okay.  If I were to stop and think about it though I have been learning some cool techniques.  Worth it!

     Mr. Ross says believe that you can and you can.  Believing you can paint leads to believing you can do other things.  I hear you Bob. 




     I was reading an article this past week and the reason that it caught my eye was because it mentioned Bob.  Do you know that people put him on to go to sleep at night.  It is part of a newer  things going on called "autonomous sensory meridian response, more commonly referred to as A.S.M.R., a state of deep calm brought on by the sound of clothes rustling, a pencil scribbling or, in Mr. Ross’s case, a brush on canvas. “You don’t need the visual,” he said. “Just his voice and sounds could trigger a relaxing state.”"

I started thinking about how we look  for peacefulness.  Then, I started thinking how I feel

 when I let other things crowd into my prayer life.  .I feel all jumbled up and have no peace.   Things make more sense when I pray.  My husband and my kids make more sense when I pray.  My life and direction make more sense when I pray.  Why do I let other stuff try to choke it out.  Tools.  I need the right tools to get rid of the weeds that crop up.  

     Jesus came for many reasons and I like them all.  One of  my favorites though is that he cut out the middle man.  I do not have to go through a priest to talk to my Daddy.  I just have to talk to Him.  It doesn't matter where I am or what time of day it is.  I have the privilege of going right on in.  We need to use one of our tools to pull up the weed that says we have to pray a certain way.  If  He puts someone on your heart, pray.  It doesn't matter if you are in line at the supermarket.  He can hear your prayers.  If you got something you need to talk to Him about, then do it.  Pray.  You don't have to wait til a certain time or place. Your tool this time is the Word.  What does it say about praying.  Books about prayer are nice, but I would suggest going straight to the source for the ultimate guide.  Now don't throw out the quiet time with God either.  We should do that too and that is when we get out another tool or two.  A clock.....a calendar.  Just like we schedule in everything else in our lives, we need to make sure THE MOST IMPORTANT THING EVER is on the calendar and that we make the time to meet Him in worship and in prayer.  I do like the more peaceful feeling I have when I do not let other things crowd in, but another weed that needs to go is that when you miss it, then He doesn't want anything to do with you or that He doesn't love you.  So not true.  Again, the Word is your tool there and it will take care of that lie...I mean weed.  So, get your tools, make a plan and just talk to God. He wants to hear from you.....always.

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