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September 14, 2018

     My mom bought me an Instapot for Christmas about 5 years ago.  I have to admit, I was a little confused by the gift.  I am not known for my kitchen prowess.  I am also not known for hiding what I am thinking and when I opened it, I must have looked confused. Mom said, "I saw that you had posted that as something you wanted on Pinterest."  Ahhhh.   In one of my pinning frenzies, I must have pinned this Instapot, but at that moment, I couldn't remember why in the world why!  Of course I thanked her and that was pretty much that and Christmas went on as usual.  Where did the Instapot go?  On a shelf.


     Sometime later, I figured out that you can use it like a slow cooker too.  Okay, okay....something I was a little familiar with and in my experience, the best way to cook anyway.  Throw it in the pot and let the pot do it.  Yes!  So, I would make a couple of things in it on the slow cooker setting from time to time. It would be dusted t it off, so to speak, but no real use.   Then, about a year or two goes by and I see that there is a whole Instapot community.  What?  People are raving about this thing that I have in my kitchen.  Crazy Cookers.  So, I get out the directions and try to read up on it a little, but end up shoving them back in a drawer frustrated.  I am a show me learner and an I don't read the directions student.  So, I am back to using the slow cooker.  


     Then one day I caught a snippet of someone making rice in this thing.  Wait.  What?!  Any skillless chef, like me, knows that the only rice you even want to attempt to make should be of the instant microwave variety.  Should I be so bold as to try this recipe for rice in my Instapot?  (Yes, I follow a do not want me not to follow one.)  I tried it.  I pushed new buttons on this thing and it was the best rice I have every made.  The other day I actually sauteed in it and then put the rest of the ingredients in to have chili all in about 20 minutes.  That is when it hit me.  I have not been maximizing it's full potential.  What else did it have in store for me?


I think this is how we can be with the Word.  Kind of like my Instapot, it can just sit around doing nothing, but have all this untapped potential. (And when I say doing nothing...I mean in our lives.  The Word is working all of the time because it is not going to come back to God void, but it will go out and do everything that He called it to do.) We can't let it sit on the shelf and look at the cover when we walk by and expect anything.  We have to get it out and not just read the instruction manual, but live it.  It is living and it will work in our lives every single time.  Why do you think the enemy comes immediately to steal it?  He already knows what it can do for you.  It is like that Instapot community.  They are all excited and making everything from chili to cake in these things because they know what they can do.  That is how excited we should be about the Word because we know what it can do.  


So I encourage you to get in it and use it.  Read it, meditate on it, speak it, believe it and watch it transform your life, your time, your thinking.  If you are already doing that for yourself, encourage others in your sphere to do the same.  There are a lot of lies out there by people proclaiming to be Christians and the lies sound right because they hint at the truth, but God's truth is our buckler and our shield and part of our armor.  You cant' fight without it, so Suit Up!  


Oh yeah, if anyone wants to share a good Instapot recipe feel free or if you have a praise report about the Word, share that too.  



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