January 1, 2018



I‘m careening down the highway doing about 65 or 70 and in the distance I see what looks like someone’s hubcap meandering in and out of traffic.  I slow down and here it comes, right across my path.  Praise God it kept on rolling though and it didn’t hit me or me it.  


Once upon a time,

I would have slammed right into that thing.


There was another time, not too long ago, that I was barreling down the highway at about the same rate of speed and I was not paying attention until it was TOO late.  I looked up and saw this huge piece of metal bounce right toward me and under my car.



I felt it hit!  I  cringed!  I waited! 





The van kept on trucking though and so did I until about a day or so later when it wouldn’t go anymore.  After an inspection at the auto shop I found out that my flux capacitor had been hit…..wait...that doesn’t sound right.


My flux capacitor?   


I only wish the van could have gone back in time so I would have been paying attention to see that big honkin' piece of metal.  


Anyway, I had a big hole in the thingamabob and that had let all of the important stuff inside fall out and evidently the van needed that “stuff” to run.  After a few hundred dollars, I could have kicked myself for not paying attention.   


This reminds me of life.  Satan is good at just throwing stuff at us to see if we are paying attention.  He comes to steal, kill and destroy.  He is roaming around like a lion to see who he can eat up.  




You’re gonna get snatched up if you aren’t watchful.


A few years ago, I was slipping.   I had let myself get to a place where I walked in fear. I was eat up with it.   I had been trying to fight the enemy in my mind with my own ammunition and let me tell you….it doesn’t work.   

Fear had a grip on me good.  


I got some news from a test from the doctor that was questionable and my artillery was depleted.  I had a big gaping hole in my spiritual life that had caused all the stuff to fall out that would help me run efficiently.


 Praise Almighty God though because He told me to... Get a grip! WAKE UP!  I had been walking around in a stupor….Wordless.


I was just hanging around out there clueless while Satan circled.  I

I had to make up my mind.

Oh….uh uh!  You are not going to eat me.  


I have always told my kids that it is extremely important that they listen to me.  They may not understand what I am asking them to do, but I can see more clearly than them.  I compared it to crossing the street.  I am taller than they are and because of experience and the fact that I am mom, I am more observant than they are.  I can see something coming down the road sooner than they can and they have to listen to me if I tell them to wait.  


I believe that this is the same with God and us.  We are his children.  He can see sooooooooo much further than we can and we need to make sure that we are listening to Him when he tells us to STOP or to WAIT or GO..  Just like our children have to be sensitive to our voice and be very careful not to tune us out, we all as children of the Most High God have to be sensitive to His voice and the leading and guidance of the Holy Spirit so we don’t get squashed or devoured.  


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