Sweet Sixteen

February 7, 2016


  People say this all of the time, but I cannot believe that sixteen years has gone by since God blessed me with my Bug. Well, not everybody has a bug, but you get the general meaning.   From the hospital, she started out as my little doodlebug, but over the years, it whittled down to Bug.  From the jump, she was beautiful inside and out.  Through the years, I have loved watching her personality unfold.  I was one of those people that used to look at other people in stores when they could not get their kid to sit in the buggy and say in my head, "My child won't do that!"  Famous last words, so to speak, because then Zoie showed up.  I should have known from the beginning when she was breached....then she wasn't....then on the day she was to come.....she was again.  Wow.  She was already trying to run the show.  She has always had very definite ideas about how things are supposed to go, whether it was sitting in the buggy....or not.....to how she dressed and this was all by the age of three.  I remember one time when we had a cookout at our new house in the summer.  I think Zoie was four at this point.  All the kids were out playing in the slip and slide and the little pool.  The next thing I know, Zoie comes flying out of the house (and anybody that knows her knows she is fast as lightening) and she has on her little two piece and light-up snow boots.  (Again, anybody close to Zoie knows that this unique "eye" for fashion diminished not, but flourished over time).  All I could do was laugh, which I believe is what she wanted anyway and then she was off for another wardrobe change.


     Zoie gave her life to God when she was five.  I was blessed to be there and I have been blessed to watch her faith develop.  Over the years I have seen her compassion, tender heart, zeal to serve, and love for God grow and mature.  I have seen the gifts and talents that God blessed her with develop and I have seen her use them to glorify Him.  Unbeknownst to most, she has a beautiful voice and  I love to hear her worship.  When she was little, she was a fantastic artist and I would tell her that it was one of her gifts.  She didn't do anything with it for awhile, but more recently she has delved back in and rekindled the flame.  I love to walk in her room and see her creations and sometimes we have even interpreted them together.  Well, I did the interpreting of one of them and she kind of agreed with me.  Bonding with a teenager is always fun and you take the moments as they come.


   One last thing that I love about Zoie is her honesty.  We drug her to Nashville, not kicking and screaming because she knows better than that, and I have to say that I have been impressed with her attitude.  Now, she will still tell you that she does not like to be home schooled and that she does not want to live in Nashville (which is where the honesty comes in), but she has not had an attitude about it.  Well, she has actually had an attitude, but it has been a good one.  Is everything sunshine and roses?  No, come on now, she IS 16, but she has put forth a real effort and for that I commend her for it.  


     Is she perfect?  Of course not, come on now.  None of us are perfect.  She still has that strong will, which I think is actually a gift if channeled the right way. I think God takes those things that he has put in us and when we put Him first, then he fine tunes them and we can use them to glorify Him. At any rate, I am thankful to Him for putting her in my life.  She is a joy, an immense blessing and I love to give her a hard and time and hear her say, "MoM.....please!" I have to admit, I got a little teary-eyed in the store the other day while gathering things for her mini-party.  It is a little unreal that she is sixteen.  Of course I told her about it and she found the humorous side of it.  "Thanks Zoie!"  One day she will get it though.


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