Church and Chinese

February 6, 2016


 I love living in Nashville.  Now, don't get me wrong, I miss all the people that we moved away from, but I really enjoy living in the bigger city.  We went to church this morning downtown and passed by the big farmer's market and the park beside of it (Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park) and there was something going on this weekend too.  They always said my middle name was "go" (Now, that made more since when I still had my maiden name because my last name was Moore, so it was Carrie Go Moore...get it....well, anyway...).  I have slowed down through the years, but I still love to see what's going on.

     Although I do love living here, I have to say that the church hunting has been a little interesting and there has been more than once that I have just wished that we could just tele-port back on Sunday so we could walk into Celebration and see all of our church family there and worship like always and here Pastor Russell teach in the style that we are used to and then just tele-port back after lunch.  Since no one has invented or not releasing it to the public yet, then we are left with visiting here.  Now, we have had some fantastic suggestions.  Let me just give a little disclaimer here:  No churches will be harmed in the writing of this blog. Also, before anyone gets the wrong idea, some of this is just personal preference.  I don't believe that we have been in one church where God was not there.  We have liked all of the people and to my knowledge we have liked all of the pastors and messages that they have given.  We are praying this through, so I know that it will all work out just fine, but the comedic side is always funny.

      We have visited churches on opposite ends of the spectrum.  One we went to is super friendly and funny.  They are great people and you can really tell they are genuine.  They have their stuff together and I felt that it was a really safe atmosphere for my kids too.  Zoie liked the youth group alot and they have coffee for Chiteng.  Check, check and check.  What's the problem you say?  It's 50 minutes away.  Boo.  Now, the thing you need to remember about this church is that it is SUPER friendly.  Everybody talked to us, we get cards, we get calls and we get emails.  Okay?  Next church:  I checked this church out online and decided to go one Wednesday because it is about 20 minutes away from the house.  I looked at the beliefs and the mission statement and they met the criteria.  One different thing I did notice, but did not pay a lot of attention to was their "No Stalking Policy".  Okay, a little different, but I got their meaning.  They were not going to harass you, make you stand up and talk about yourself.  Fine with me.  I don't want to do all of that anyway.  So, here we go.  Chiteng had to work late that night and didn't get to experience this one.  We get there and go in and there are people there, but I had to go and stop one and ask where we were supposed to go.  Nobody talked to us.  Okay?  Then, when I finally get the kids situated, I found my class and was standing outside the door with another woman waiting to go in.  The Pastor came walking down the hall and stopped right beside of us.  I know that it is the Pastor because I recognized his picture from the website.  (It was kind of like I was stalking him...ironic) He looks at me kind of nods his head and turns to talk to the other lady in the hall.  Now, I don't care, because I am not a chit chatter anyway, but wow....they take that whole anti-stalking thing to a whole different level.

     Needless to say, we are still looking....and praying....and visiting.  Now, you might ask if we are looking for a Chinese church because of the title.  Nope, just a good Chinese restaurant.  We have paid quite a bit of hard earned money on some lousy Chinese restaurants.  I would like some fantastic sushi and a good hibachi grill.  A wonderful Asian buffet recommendation would be great! So, all of my friends near and far, if you have any ideas either on church or Chinese feel free to comment.  Now, I am going to stop writing because Zoie, who is behind me on the bed, said, "Oh my Gosh Mom, nobody is going to want to read all of that!"  Love her!

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