A Frist First

February 7, 2016





Our first field trip was to The Frist and we were not disappointed. Beautiful inside and out, the center for visual arts has crazy character. If you love vintage and art ,then you are in lala land. So, now you know I loved it.....how did the kids like it? We actually visited The Frist website before our trip and I am so glad that we did. They had some really helpful information for the first time visitors. One that I particularly enjoyed suggested that you click on some of the exhibits listed on their website (with your children) and discuss the art and the artists with your children before you go. Wow!! Fantastic advice! We have been studying about Martin Luther King Jr. and the civil rights movement. Segregation has surfaced more than once in our little chats, so imagine my glee to see that one of the artists being displayed was Norman Rockwell. I love his work personally, but I loved even more that I had a chance to introduce my kids to him. This particular piece sparked another discussion about segregation and helped make it more real to the kids.






My Bug is a budding artist. (That's Zoie) I was really excited to have her with us too because, well, this is her "thing". So just think how excited I got when I saw that they had Abstacteometry also. Well, now I can't find and a picture because that exhibit must be gone. Just think abstract. If you have a kid that falls into the 15 age range, you have to know that everything will not totally rock in their mind. It goes against their very nature. She was not happy that "her" exhibit was so small, but all in all I believe that she liked it. I liked it too...well a couple of pieces. The twins (that's what I call them now because they are opposed to being called the babies) were also able to get in touch with their artistic side in the Martin Artquest Gallery. Who am I kidding...we were all able to get in touch with our artistic side their. It is fabulous!! The attendant was so friendly and informative and explained the watercolors to us and also the printing area. The teacher in me was jumping up and down when I got to relate this area with Benjamin Franklin and his printing press. (which we have also been studying) I will put their pics up later because of technical issues. Anyway, we loved it!




The BIG exhibit.....Looking East: Western Artists and the Allure of Japan was one of my favorites. They had all different unique artists displayed that represented an Asian theme (not all Asian artists, but theme). Monet graced the walls along with one of my favorites, Utagawa Hiroshige.








I can't end this blog entry until I slide one more teacherism in there. Although, it was not my favorite "art" (and we all know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder), it did fit right in with the "colonial" theme that we have been on with our founding fathers and I totally respect the artist. So, I was excited to point that out to the kids. Much respect to the artist though, because it must take a ton of work to create his pieces and I have to say that I like his historical motivation. (Lain York: Selections from the National Gallery presents recent works by Nashville artist Lain York that were inspired by eighteenth-and nineteenth-century texts, political cartoons, and engravings)






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