Wielding the Sword

February 6, 2016


Two or three years ago God (well in all honesty it has been longer than that) started working on me in the area of what I believe. I asked Him...to work on me I mean...in that specific area. It covers a lot of ground that goes all the way back to even childhood. Things I heard or learned shaped what I believed about God. I never got in the Word to find out for myself. It is funny how you ask for something in prayer and then when you may have even forgotten that you prayed it, God starts shaking things loose. Thoughts that formed long ago about Him and His Word started coming up and one by one I decided to see what He had to say about it. One idea that developed at some point was that He was a God that was just waiting for me to mess up. I felt like He would zap me at any moment. Somewhere I had missed the whole concept of grace and mercy and love. It reminds me of this one weed at the house that would have the thickest roots on it and I would tug and tug trying to pull that thing out of the ground. I would be dripping sweat and my gloves would be ready to fall off. I had to wear gloves too because the vine had stickers on it and if I didn't, I would have little lacerations all over my hands and arms from struggling with that weed. I finally had to take the shovel and dig that mean thing out. That is what you have to do in your thought life...take the Sword of the Spirit and cut out the mess that doesn't belong. That is why the devil comes to steal the Word immediately because he doesn't want it to take root and choke out those treacherous weeds he has planted in our minds. I guess I am saying all of that to say this...know the Word. Don't just take other people's opinions on what it says. Get a Bible and look it up. His Word is our truth and His truth is our buckler and shield. It protects us. Ask Him to teach you His ways and show you His paths. Ask for wisdom because He said that if any man lacks wisdom ask and He will give it liberally.

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