In the mud.....

December 28, 2015


Wheels spinning and mud flying through the night was not the way I had imagined our adventure starting out. Wait, I am doing what my husband accuses me of doing and starting the story somewhere past the beginning, which is technically the middle. I believe that he (my hubby) should be so in tune with my psyche that he can telepathically follow my every thought. (All the ladies say, "I know that's right") I will, however, try not to set up my relationship with you that way, especially since you have not been married to me for almost 9 years. Now, where was I? Oh yes, mud! Well, let me back it up. My family and I are moving to Nashville. Packing up a house that you have inhabited for the last 12 years is no easy task. I don't know about normal people's homes, but I am pretty sure the items in our house mate and multiply. If I did not religiously go through and purge every three months, I think that some nice do gooders would have had to come and dig us out from the rapid rate of reproduction. Anyway, we did get most of it packed and all set to load and move it out. I came home from work (yes I worked the day we moved....don't ask me why)and instead of seeing the moving van filled to the brim with all of our lovely belongings that we can't live without, I saw the massive truck sitting in our neighbors yard. Well, sunk would be a more accurate description.  I couldn't even get out of the car. From my viewpoint, safely avoiding the situation, various methods were being employed by several more than capable members of one of my favorite genders. Watching all the manual labor, I saw a plethora of materials used to attack the problem, such as but not limited to; sand, 2x4's, chains, big trucks, little trucks, helicopter.....well not actually that last item. Although, by this point, in my mind that may be the only logical solution. So, what did I do to help? Left. Now, don't get me wrong. I prayed too, but I know the limits of my capabilities in this type of situation and it had no place for anxiety or me. So what's the score? Moving truck = 1 Chan Clan=0

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